One of the essential gadgets to have at home or office, showroom or hotels, malls or high rise edifices, airports to cars are air conditioners. There would be single or centralised air conditioning system in many places. There was time people would make do with fans but then air conditioning became a rage because of the soaring temperatures and mostly to keep dust mites away as computers evolved in every place and offices and to keep them dust proof air conditioning was a must.


Functioning of ACs

The whole system worked on the basis that the warm air is converted into cooler air by a process known as refrigeration cycle in the air conditioning equipment. This was done so as to provide a suitable environment irrespective of the internal heat and external climate.

The fresh air is drawn into the system by vents and the heat is exchanged from the indoor section which then cooled sent indoors accordingly to a thermostat which adjusts the set up.

The overall purpose is looked on at providing regulated temperature and humidity by using fresh air from outside but in actual terms, it not only does so but there is oxygen replenishment. There is also the removal of airborne bacteria, dust, carbon dioxide, smoke, heat, odours, moisture and other gases. Hence an air conditioning system has a multi fold function to perform when installed. There may be single unit or centralised units that are installed which depends on the requirement and size of the building.

Maintenance of ACs

All kinds of ACs are fitted with internal air filters made of light weight gauzy material which has to be replaced or washed as mentioned. In dusty environs it the filters have to frequently changed. If not done so there would be less heat exchange rate and lesser cooling done. This would. E a waste of fuel and lessen the life of the air conditioning system. You may still get higher bills but not the required cooling and as time goes on without maintenance gradual start of low air flow will result iced evaporator coils which may completely block the air flow. It also has to be mentioned that very dirty or plugged filters may get overheated during the heating cycle and cause damage to the air conditioning system and a fire may also break out.

It has to be noted that the inside heat is moved out through a vent to the outside. So it is very necessary to keep it clean and replaced on regular basis. If not done the condenser coil which cools the air has to be cleaned too, as result there may be damages to the compressor. An air conditioning Phoenix expert can guide you to the best solutions.