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Brother Wedding Speech

Writing a wedding speech for your brother need not be a daunting task. One of the first things that you can do right now is to read a sample wedding speech delivered by a brother who was best man at a wedding. Probably, half of all speeches are written from a template or a sample speech and the writer simply customizes the speech.

If you’re looking to write a funny best man speech this article will help you with a half dozen examples of wit.

“Family and friends,

Today is one of the most special days in the lives of (bride) and (groom). It is also important to me because by asking me to be his best man (groom) has shown that I am not only his brother but also one of his closest friends.

Several years ago I remember asking my mother why people get married. It seemed like such a burden and why would anyone want to give up their personal freedom. She agreed that marriage brings about a change in lifestyle and you do have to give more of yourself but there is a reason why we gladly do so. Marriage is about sharing. My mother commented that the world is filled with glorious sunsets, boisterous laughter and insightful people. However to truly experience all that this world has to offer you need to share the moment with someone you love. To seize the day is just another way of saying ‘to share the day.’

When I look at my brother I see why he will be a perfect husband for (bride). You would expect siblings to be jealous of one other, you would expect us to fight for attention and common goods. However, with (groom) I never experienced any of that because quite simply he is the most generous person I know. He is generous with his time, his money – okay mainly with his time! Nonetheless, he is the least selfish person I know and (bride) and have thousands of tender moments to share over the rest of their lives.

Today is also a day for reminiscing about the many memories that I have shared with (groom) over the years. So if you see me smiling you know that I am remembering something funny he said or some of the things we have done. (You can insert a quick story here). However, today is more about looking forward into the future rather than dusting off the history books.

When I see (groom) and (bride) together I am struck that the future looks promising indeed. The way he brushes her hair; the way he makes sure that she never lifts anything heavy; to the way their eyes meet when we are enjoying a family dinner – these are all examples of (groom’s) love for (bride).

Can you blame him? I am thrilled to be welcoming (bride) into my family as my sister. (Bride), though, is more than beautiful she is also the precise person for (groom). She understands him in a way that I only thought his family understood him. She has supported his dreams and given him newfound strength to follow through on those dreams. (Groom) has done the same for her and her dreams.

In twenty years, when (groom) and (bride) look at their wedding photographs they will see a bride and groom and some gorgeous bridesmaids. (Groom) mentioned to me that these bridesmaids were all that bridesmaids should be. I could not agree more. The other smiling person in those photos will be me with a look of pride that my brother has found the love of his life.

Thank you.”


I’ll now talk briefly about this wedding speech delivered by the brother as best man speech. First of all, notice that the brother told the audience about his relationship to the groom. Don’t assume that the audience knows that you are the brother of the groom. Secondly, notice that there is only space for one quick story. You’ll often find that you don’t have a lot of time to recount all the funny stories about your brother. In fact, more often than not, you only have time to tell one story. Most men fret at preparing a speech for the brother because they overestimate how much material they actually need.

If you’re looking for more best man wedding speeches for your brother, our best selling guidebook has plenty of samples that you can customize with ease.

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