relationship falling apart after baby

Reasons on why couples break up after a baby come to their family?

Research is a testimony to the fact that within three years of the birth of a child, nearly two-thirds of couples have witnessed a decline in the quality of their relationship and alarmingly 13 % of marriages end in divorce after 5 years a kid is born. The indications are felt about the relationship during pregnancy time as well. Another interesting statistic reveals that your marriage has a high probability of surviving close to 10 years if you wait at least 8 months to have a baby after marriage.

relationship during pregnancy time

How can you spell out if your relationship is in trouble after the arrival of a baby?

When a baby enters your life extra strain and stress is the usual norm. In a healthy relationship, both partners understand this and consider it as part of their commitments and responsibilities. If it is just a stage of a new baby, the couple is able to spend more time together and take their marital bliss to a new level. The trouble in a relationship is witnessed with a change in the behavioural patterns and it leads to a situation where constant fighting takes place and there is also a tendency to avoid home.

Even the best of married life can go in for a toss with a new addition to their family life.  The situation is that relationship falling apart after baby will be coupled with a host of symptoms. If you are heading in for a split in a relationship, then it suggested that you seek outside support. Even the most dynamic of parents cannot predict the change in demands, behaviour before the entry of a newborn into the family. When the tough gets going and there is a bumpy road ahead, outside support may work out to be beneficial. It is during this time you can get out of the rut of the relationship blues.

Some tips for couples to consider before the arrival of a baby?

Have a late night- well before the arrival of a baby schedule premium time alone where both of you are together and this could be exercising or date nights. Your marriage needs to be a priority before and even after the arrival of the baby

Hire a babysitter- seek recommendations for a babysitter and hire one even before the baby arrives. This will make the couples relax, spend quality time together and enjoy a bit off self-care as well.  Some couples rely on their relatives, but it is always important that you have a backup plan in place. In fact, a good babysitter can give the parents the much-needed break to keep their married life rocking.

Stick together- Remember to raise a baby is a partnership and successful ones come with self-respect along with an appreciation of each one’s responsibilities. Couples let off the small things and go on to focus on the important issues at hand which is the health of the baby, and how to keep their married life rocking. If you are able to achieve a balance between the two you are bound to be the happiest. By letting off the smaller stuff like cleaning the nappies or missing a game of golf with buddies you are paying attention to important things in life.