11 Viking Wedding Toast Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2022

You thought you had things under control when the wedding-planning rush began. Are you sick of hearing complaints about seating arrangements and first-dance songs? It’s no issue. The wedding toast comes to mind.

Quotes may help you get there, whether you choose to include some Viking toast sayings

or incorporate a little fun into your bridal shower or wedding toast—and sprinkling in emotions from great minds will help take your speech to another level.

Wedding season is still alive and kicking, despite the messy emotions. So, to recite to our dear beloveds, we’re looking for something sincere, suitable, but not wholly cliché, such as Viking wedding toasts.

1. Viking vows

The following is a classic piece of Viking literature:

“There shall be one end for us both; one bond after our vows; nor shall our first love aimlessly perish. Happy am I to have won the joy of such a consort…shall the repose of our united souls win fame, our equal faithfulness in love.”

2. Vows of the Vikings for the feast

“I hear horn gods and goddesses, towering and pure, in this meadow, Aesir and Vanir, who was first seen in the north.” “Bless this wedding, Frigga and Odin, Thorr, Freya and Feryrm, Balder and Nanna, Disir and Alfar.”

After all, it’s essential to ask for blessings and share your meal with saints.

3. The ceremony’s Viking speech

“In the name of Odin, our all-father. Ragnarok will arise, and he must fulfill his fate. “May Odin’s guidance be with us on Earth and in Asgard.”

“May Odin guide us on our journey, may Thor provide strength and bravery to our marriage, and may Loki never deprive us of fun.”

4. Toastmaster introduction

The toastmaster must introduce each participant who wishes to speak. The toasts may be said in the following order: father of the bride, groom, bride, maid of honor, best man, groom’s father, bride’s mother, groom’s mother, relatives, friends, and lastly, the previously stated “Thank You for the Meal” speech.

5. Time is changing

“A salute to the future, a salute to the past, and a salute to all of our friends, both close and distant. May the future be bright, the past a beautiful memory, and our friends stay loyal and precious.”

Although time passes, certain things remain constant.

6. Stay together no matter what

“To you, the man or woman you truly love would never grow old. You will always see the beloved smile and feel the warm soul connection of your undying love through the scars of time and the bent frame of decades.”

7. From a friend’s heart

“Here’s to you, my brother. Today, as he has so often done for me in good and bad times, I enjoyed standing by him at this most significant moment. For as long as they live, I wish him and his gorgeous spouse nothing but pleasure, success, and healthy life.”

8. Embracing being a wife

To my lovely new husband, who has taught me the true meaning of love. Who is the source of my joy and consolation in my sorrowful moments?  Who congratulates me on my accomplishments and consoles me when I struggle.  I’m delighted to be your wife. I’m in love with you till the end of time.  Cheers!

9. Fathers’ blessings

“It is stated that when kids find real love, their parents experience great happiness. From now on, here’s to your happiness and ours.”

“Here’s to the groom, who kept his mind while losing his heart to this lady.”

“To the lovely newlyweds, here’s a toast blessing them for a long and happy married life.”

10. Happy and grateful groom

“I’ve met many people, liked a lot of them, and only loved one. A successful marriage necessitates many falling in love with the same person. I raise my glass to you, my lovely wife.”

“I picked my wife for traits that would last, just as she chose her wedding gown.”

11. Guest speech

“May all time you spend together for the longest time possible be as emotional as the first time you said I love you to each other. May you long for the feel of each other’s touch and the gaze you share when only the two of you know what the other is thinking. Without uttering a single word.”

Norse wedding blessing for sure brings a new feel to traditional wedding speeches. We hope that these conventional Viking wedding toast ideas helped create a perfect wedding.